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Its very easy these days to acquire and own a valuable item of music portrayal history if youve got the loot and collecting such items has become more and more fashionable.

If you are a learner you need to tread with care, particularly if you are interested in authentic items owned by prominent musicians and singers. You need to validate that the items you are interested in are the real McCoy and its up to you to assure yourself that what you are considering buying with your hard earned cash is indeed the real McCoy.

The more experienced collectors reading this item will be aware how much easier it is now to acquire, sometimes-rare items, which are frequently situated in different parts of the world. Whatever piece of music memorabilia you are looking for, a quick search on Google or eBay will possibly find you the object you are after within seconds. How did we ever manage without the internet?

It could be argued that the older the music artist, the more costly the memorabilia, but Im not sure I believe that any longer. It depends on who the artist is I expect. If you had a preference of bidding on Elvis Presleys piano or Beethovens piano, which would you decide on and which one do you think would be the most costly. I suppose the price of these things depends on the age of the article for sale and reputation of the artist in their own time and more vitally, today. Its complicated.

There is an obvious certainty that, if you are going to be in possession of and handle a piece of memorabilia that was once owned and touched by mega stars such as Elvis, The Beatles and Beethoven, then its going to cost you a small fortune, but Im sure that if its the genuine object, then its a safe outlay.

So if you want to begin collecting memorabilia try websites like eBay and search for your favourite artists. You will definitely find objects like key rings, t-shirts and photos, which are not exactly memorabilia, but its a start and really, its enjoyable too.

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