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Informal Versus Formal Piano Instruction

There are two types of piano instruction available nowadays  formal piano instruction and informal piano instruction. By a formal piano instruction we mean the traditional mode of teaching where a piano teacher sits in front of a grand and imposing looking piano and imparts group lessons to students in a setting which is quite classroom like.

The students are provided with their own keyboards. Usually this kind of conventional teaching mode is imparted in music schools, community centers or offered by music stores. This kind of group lesson can last for a few weeks to a few months depending upon course duration. Group lessons are less expensive than private lessons where you may be charged $100 per hour! In case of group lessons falling under the category of formal piano instruction, if the lesson is long term then low commitment levels wont hurt.

Informal piano instruction may be imparted either through DVD or through the medium of the internet where online piano lessons come accompanied with video and audio files which make learning piano easier with clear demonstrations.
In case of informal piano instruction through the medium of DVD, options are aplenty because they are sold in multitudes, nor do they cost a lot. Topics covered include various kinds of specific musical genres, chord theory, basic scales and notes.

Same holds true for online lessons where you have to download piano learning software from the sites which sell them, but first you have to check whether your computer configurations are compatible with the configurations of the software. You can also check out the online course content through the preview trailer and if you donít like it, you can return the software and get your money back.

Informal piano instruction imparted through online lessons can work out to be quite cheap because they cost a fraction of what it would cost if you had opted for private lessons or group lessons. In case of online piano lessons, you will interact with your piano instructor through the web cam and therefore a computer with internet connection is a must have.

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